Phone Pic Picture Dump Extravaganza

sarah takes pictures

“Extravaganza? There’s only 20 pictures here!”

“And they’re all cats! And plants!”

Wrong! There’s also chicken and sky.

So I basically had this post ready over a week ago. I had the images uploaded, the code dumped in here. All I needed to do was go back and do the admittedly difficult work of centering the pictures and adding captions. Everything on WordPress is wildly, crazily different since I was here last. You know what else happened? It became summer. It stopped raining, and it got hot out.

And it seems like I’m still getting new followers. Hi! Look at me! I’m actually updating since you followed me! There are over 2000 of you now, and I am confident that a good many of you are not spambots. (Wink?) Welcome aboard. I’m so happy to have you here. Please enjoy these pictures from my phone.

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The Pillars of Commerce


A Certain Slant of Light Photography

The Marina Bay Sands hotel, designed by the acclaimed Moshe Safdie, are split into three towers and topped with a curving deck that houses the Infinity Pool and an observation point. When it was first unveiled, I recall a local architect bemoaning the fact that one of the most prominent structure in the Singapore skyline would be a casino. Almost three to four years on, I can’t imagine the downtown area without this structure, temples of commerce gleaming with promise or threats of ruin, depending on one’s point of view.


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